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Indiana Gov. Says 'Religious Freedom' Law Won't Change

Mike Pence said that the issue had been turned into "shameless rhetoric." [read more]

Crash Co-Pilot Seemed Like a 'Normal Guy,' Fellow Pilot Says

"We put our lives and our children's lives in their hands." [read more]

Officials: Iran Nuke Talks Solving Some Issues, Not Others

Officials: Iran nuclear talks progress on enrichment, other issues remain as deadline [read more]

Boko Haram Advance on Northern City as Nigerians Vote

Boko Haram extremists advance on northern city as Nigerians continue voting [read more]

Arab Summit: Yemen Airstrikes to Go on Until Rebels Withdraw

Arab leaders say military strikes in Yemen will continue until rebels withdraw, surre [read more]

Leading Suspect in Tunisia Museum Attack Killed

Tunisian prime minister: Leading suspect in museum attack killed in anti-terrorism ra [read more]

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