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Christmas Tree Blamed for Fatal Maryland Mansion Fire

An electric failure set ablaze a 15-foot tree. [read more]

Over-the-Counter Medicines Linked to Dementia

Ingredient in common over-the-counter medications such as Benadryl linked to dementia [read more]

Mitt Romney Calls Hillary Clinton 'Clueless'

He's not pulling any punches. [read more]

ISIS Appears to Arrange Prisoner Swap in New Hostage Recording

ISIS-linked Twitter accounts spread message purportedly from Japanese captive. [read more]

Adult ISIS Fighter in Child Executioner Video Killed, Official Says

Man watched as young boy appeared to murder two men in chilling video. [read more]

Videos Capture US Nuclear Physicist Offering Nuke Secrets to 'Spy'

Pedro Mascheroni was tricked into dealing with an undercover agent. [read more]

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