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How The CDC Will Make Sure Ebola Doesn't Spread in U.S.

The CDC will trace people exposed by the first Ebola patient diagnosed in U.S. [read more]

Obama Rode Elevator With Armed Man With Criminal Record

President Obama rode an elevator with an armed security contractor who had a criminal [read more]

California Mayor Shot, Killed at Home

The mayor of Bell City, California was shot to death in his home. His wife is being h [read more]

First Ebola Case in US, But CDC Vows 'We Will Stop It Here'

CDC Confirms First Ebola Case Diagnosed in U.S. [read more]

Secret Service Director: White House Intrusion 'Unacceptable'

Director Julia Pierson was grilled by lawmakers today. [read more]

6 Secret Service Safeguards Breached By White House Intruder

It has now been made clear that there were a half dozen steps that were not taken by [read more]

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